Shengzhou Zhongfa Heat Preservation Material Co., Ltd ( Shengzhou Chongren Heat Preservation Material Factory) is situated in Chongren town of Shengzhou city which is famous for Yue Opera, necktie manufacture and wei qi. The communication is convenient. There are rich diatomite reserves in this place, the reserves of diatomite ranks No.1 in our country, so this place is called a nature cornucopia.
  Our company is an enterprise specializing in producing diatomite heat preservation materials. we have powerful technic force, advanced production equipments, complete test equipments and two production lines for 4000 tons of heat preservation materials per year.
Established in 1982, our company has 26 down draught kilns and more than 100 employees. With many years of hard work, we have already supplied tens of thousands of heat preservation materials for various carbon pot furnaces, blast furnaces, coke furnaces and metallurgical and alluminum industries all over the country. Our products are rich in varieties and complete in specifications, the main products include diatomite series heat preservation bricks (high-strength type and general type), dried powder, roasted powder, granules, fireclay, etc, with the features such as light density, high compressive strength, low thermal conductivity, small linear contraction, cheap price, etc.
  In recent years, Our company took active in adopting new technology and introducing advanced equipments and management system and have got good effect. The production and marketing of diatomite series heat preservation materials keep rapid growth trend, the quality of products have got improved With the gradual improvement of the quality system.. Our company has passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system authentication.
  High-quality products, sincere service and good credit are the key to winning the market. Our company insists on the principle of "Quality first, service first, credit first". We sincerely welcome your coming and cooperation.

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